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When you are ready to get the most from Information Technology, your Business Processes, and the Internet - contact us

Management Information Technology Consulting ...

Mercury Business Systems/InfoTech is a professional Management Information Technology Consulting firm, focused on assisting SMALL and MID-SIZED organizations gain the greatest competitive advantage from current technology, at the lowest possible cost.

We specialize in blending information technology with optimized business processes. Our clients have selected Mercury for projects as diverse as designing financial analysis spreadsheets, to building web sites and Internet presence, to providing for the project management of major high technology system developments.
We are based in Billings Montana and have served clients across the Northwest - Minnesota to California.

Consulting ...

Our consulting approach is a bit different than what you may have heard about, experienced or imagined. Our practice is designed to let our clients "rent" our expertise when they need it - as they need it.

   We start by sitting down with you and listening to your questions and ideas - to learn what you want.

   We specialize in management information technology that is applicable to small and mid-sized organizations - low cost, supportable, cost effective.

   We have extensive formal education and experience in both business management and information technology.

Our expertise allows us to provide extraordinary assurance that our service will exceed your expectations, be on-time and be cost effective.      more...

If you want to get more from your

business processes,

information technology,

and the Internet    --     contact us.

Services and Specializations ...

Database Design
  • Local Databases
    • Order Processing
    • Work Order Control
    • Accounting
    • Scientific/Defense applications
  • Internet Databases
    • Information Sharing
    • Web Catalogs and E-Commerce
    • Client Listings, Contact Management
  • ... Details

Web Site Development
  • Web Site Design, Setup, Administration
    • Custom Site Design - HTML, Javascript and CGI programming.
    • Internet Domain and Hosting Setup
    • Ongoing Web Site Adminstration
  • ... Details

Business and IT Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
    • Business Model Analysis
    • Data/Information Flow Modeling and Optimization
    • Business Plans/Planning
  • ... Details

Information Technology Systems/Software/Hardware

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