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Business Process Analysis ...

    Business process analysis is a management phrase that really means taking your business in for a "checkup" - in the same sense that you take your car or yourself in to a specialist for a checkup - except we make "house calls".

   You may suspect your business isn't as profitable as it should be, or suspect you're not getting all you can get from your computer systems, or maybe you'd just like to have a management specialist's assessment of your business processes.

   We are trained to apply the same standard management analysis techniques that large corporations use every day to maximize revenue and profit - scaled for your business.

   We can perform statistical analysis of your sales and product mix, analyze your business and employee efficiency, analyze your workplace efficiency and apply other analysis and research-based techniques to give you an better picture of how your business works. We can also apply techniques designed expressly to look at how your information system works. Data Flow Diagramming is a tool we use regularly to illustrate every element of data an organization produces, how and where it is produced, where it goes and how it gets transformed into information you can use. In most cases, the data you already have is not telling you all it could.

    Business Analysis FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions on Business Analysis ...

Q: I already know how my business works - why would I need an analysis of it?

A: You certainly do - You are the expert in your business.
What we offer is expertise in best practices for business management and information technology application that may be able to help you reduce costs, increase revenue and profit, save your time and generally help you better understand your business.

At the very least, Mercury can give you a professional, "outside perspective" of your business model and processes.

Q: How expensive is it?

A: It depends ...
It costs you nothing to have us come in and talk with you for an hour or so to get an idea of the questions you have. Most clients who contact us already have an idea that they may have a problem and want us to look into it - once we understand the scope of the analysis required to resolve the issue, we'll deliver a proposal to you that includes a "Not To Exceed" cost quote.

Q: What do I get out of an Analysis, just more advice?

A: Sort of ...
When we have completed the project, we'll deliver a written report that will detail what we've looked at, what we've found and what options you have to resolve the issues. The difference is our "advice" will be backed up with research, best management practices analysis and a cost-benefit analysis of each option open to you. We'll also sit down and explain it to you in terms we can both understand.

Q: Can you help with basic Business Plans?

A: Yes - and more ...
Every business management book, management consultant, small business reference agency, the SBA, and "Start Your Own Business" pamphlet will tell you that you need to have a Business Plan - primarily for you to use to document, review and periodically update your Business Processes in the face of an ever-changing business environment.

They're right (almost.) Business organizations don't need things they don't use - and many business organizations don't use their Business Plan. For many small and mid-sized organizations, the Business Plan (if it exists at all) is a document that's stashed away in the filing cabinet and hasn't seen the light of day in 7 or 8 years. It's out-of-date and management is too preoccupied keeping the business running to use, update or even look at it. Even worse, if your Business Plan doesn't have a section called Information Technology Management Plan, I can assure you it's out-of-date and of limited value.

Mercury can help you evaluate your Business Model and Processes and create a Business Plan you can use - and we'll build the Information Technology Management Plan section for you.

What is an Information Technology Management Plan?

Your information technology tools (computers, software, telecommunications, Internet connections) are an integral part of your business processes. As such, they are capital assets that require management, updating and maintenance to the same degree as any other part of your plant and equipment. Additionally, because of the rate of technology advancement, you should have a plan for periodic review and potential upgrade of your systems and their contribution to your business.

Mercury can help you plan for an organized integration and upgrade of your information technology tools and build that methodology into an Information Technology Management Plan - so you're on top of information technology rather than IT being on top of you.

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