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     Ten years ago, you were not considered a legitimate business by your customers unless you had a Yellow Pages™ listing. Today, you are not considered a legitimate business if you don't have an Internet Web Site.
   Mercury can not only design and build your Web Site, we can establish your Internet Presence in such a way that your organization is represented on-line in a complete, up-to-date and professional manner.

Quite frankly, a Web Site is one of the best investments you can make.
  • It's just about mandatory these days (see above),
  • You can deliver more information and manage communication with your customers and suppliers better than you can through any phone book, brochure, newsletter or catalog,
  • Once you use the Internet, you'll think of more and better ways to get value from it.
An additional benefit is that you can modify the content on your web site quickly and easily at no cost or low cost - not a practical option with printed advertising.

   Our clients have had Mercury design and build web sites and Internet Presence for a wide range of functions - from local services advertising, to real estate property advertising, to national product sales and international e-commerce. The Internet may be one of the most powerful - and affordable - new information technology tools available to small and mid-sized organizations.
We can help you to make the best use of it for your organization.

  Internet FAQ's

Visit a few of the sites Mercury has built for its clients...

Montana Society of Engineers (JEC conference site)

American Institute of Architects (conference registration site)

Association Management

James L. Studt (Law Practice)

Montana FCCLA


Frequently Asked Questions about the Internet ...

Q. What would I put on my web site?

A. Everything you would like your customers to know about you - your logo and business name, your products or services, where and how to find you and do business with you, brochures, newsletters, order forms, catalogs - and the list goes on.. The content of a web site can be virtually unlimited. Most organizations use their web site to advertise and to communicate with their customers and suppliers in a dynamic way.

Q. What can Mercury do to create an Internet Presence for my organization?

A. All of it - Domain name registration, Web Site design, graphics, site and hosting setup, e-mail accounts setup, specialized programming, merchandising, e-commerce setup, search engine registration, site administration - the works. Developing an Internet Presence is more than just having a web site - it's making certain that your web site serves you as a communication tool that's far more powerful than any brochure or advertisement.

Q. What is a Domain Name?

A. Domain name registration is the first step - registration basically entails "leasing" a name, like that uniquely identifies your web site with your business or organization.

Q. What is a Site Host?

A. Site Host selection and setup ... Selecting a hosting service for your site is critically important. The host is the computer system that stores your Web pages, graphics and site content, and makes them available to visitors via the Internet. Mercury can help you select a site host, based on your site requirements, hosting services and facilities, and cost. Additionally, since the host is a computer, it can be programmed to react certain ways or perform certain tasks, based on preferences or actions taken by visitors to your web site.


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